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Delta Airlines cancels flights to Israel

Globes correspondent 20.09.2001 21:17 Delta Air Lines is canceling its service to Tel Aviv and a number of other destinations in the aftermath of last week's terror attacks in the United States.

"Delta has made an operating decision to cancel certain international flights in light of the critical airline situation following the tragic events in New York and Washington," a company statement said.

Reuters reportes that Morisa Greenberg, director of Delta's operations in Israel, said that service between New York's John F. Kennedy international airport and Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion airport would be canceled until October 31. She said a number of other routes, such as those from JFK to Cairo, Zurich and Brussels were also canceled until that date.

Published by Israel's Business Arena on September 20, 2001

-- Martin Thompson (, September 20, 2001


Good grief, this terrorist attack went a long way toward disrupting world air communications, didn't it? This can't go on for long or the global economy will drop right past the R word and into the D word, as in description of its health.

-- Billiver (, September 21, 2001.

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