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I have been encoding some NTSC DVDs, and have successfully completed all of the aspect ratios required for VCD compliance, save one. When I take the resulting mpeg to Adaptec VCD creator, it says that the system clock reference is wrong. I have viewed a couple of references within this site that state that it should be 1200, but I am unsure as to how to change this during the encoding process. My system clock reference for each movie I make is 1084. Where and how do I change this? Here is what I use:

DVD2Avi 1.76 VFAPIConv VirtualDub 1.4.7 (Framserver usage with Smartsize (precise bilinear), Deinterlace (blend) and Telecide plugins) TMPGEnc

Thank you in advance for your time and help in this matter.

-- Christopher W (, September 20, 2001


I had this similar problem but then I did not explore it much. One thing I know for certain that the SCR stays accurate when MPEG files are encoded (or edited) using a dedicated hardware based encoder (and that what I use). Most of the software based encoder/editors are not accutate to the first and the last frame of video. What I mean is .... there are 25/30 frames per second and a true encoder/editor counts 15 frames that are preceding or succeeding before initializing or terminating the MPEG video. Software based encoders/editors do not follow this rule and that's why the SCR deviates. (This is my theory and I could be wrong) Sometimes the SCR problem gets solved by re-editing the MPEG file, (The re-edited file is smaller by few KB's) try it. Or simply forget the whole thing and use NERO or Win-On-CD. That's my choice. Adaptec ECDC belongs to the Re-cycle bin !

-- Chetan Umarje (, September 23, 2001.

I know at leat one source of problems. It occurs when you split the mpeg file to fit on several (2) CD's. There is a small scrolling list on the cut/merge tool. Check that it says "Mpeg1 video cd" and nothing else. This is not the default option. regards

-- Felix (, December 04, 2003.

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