experiences with Flash : Balcar P4 and 2 PSU4 ?

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any experiences with Flash : Balcar P4 and 2 PSU4 ? i think I'm going to buy a kit with the P4 and two PSU4 (very good condition) with umbrellas, bowls, tripods. I want to be able to reproduce paintings, and to use it for interiors (mix lighting), and portraits. How much shall i pay for it ? thanks.

-- dg (sacripant@online.fr), September 20, 2001


No more than the seller asks!

-- Alec (alecj@bellsouth.net), September 20, 2001.

he asked for 650$, is it a good price?

-- dg (sacripant@online.fr), September 21, 2001.

If the units are in good shape, this seems like a very good price. I bought a used P4 system about ten years ago. I believe the PSU4 heads are the 1600 ws units. 3200 ws for that much money is a very good deal. I too use this system for photographing paintings. The 6000K original source comes in handy. Hope this helps. John

-- John Vagnoni (jvagnoni@wi.rr.com), January 07, 2002.

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