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I was in Russia and brought there couple movies on VCD. When VCD is loaded I have message "CD" on my Pioneer DV-626D monitor screen, and silence. I can play them on my computer. I never had any problem with VCD from Malaysia. What do I need to do?



-- Sergey Vishnevskiy (, September 19, 2001


Look at the back of the VCDs you purchased. Are they silver like audio CDs you buy in a store or are they blue or green like CD-R? If your VCDs were made on CD-R media, your Pioneer DVD player may not support CD-R media.

-- Jason (, September 20, 2001.

Your Pioneer should read CD-R's by and large, but it just may not read that particular kind. If you just data copied the VCD's to a good quality CD-R that your player will read, I think that would work.

-- Rod (, October 19, 2001.

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