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I've been doing pretty good with transfers up to now, that is, until this latest disaster! I have a slide with rich magentas (an evening sunset scene)that when I do the transfer, the sky turns gray. Not even pink. I know magentas transfer last, so I'm waiting 15 seconds before separation. I use a Daylab II, and when I upped the magenta to about 20cc, the sky was still gray, and the trees then looked reddish-orange! I played with exposure time, and the only time the sky looked magenta, everything else was dark. I've tried the gelatin method (gelatin, hot water, Photo-Flo, kept at 100-130, soak 1 minute, and I float the transfer on hot water for 2 minutes before peeling.) Any tricks to try next? I'm running out of ideas. Scap the slide? Thanks!

-- (, September 19, 2001

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