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I just saw GB9's mention that he couldn't get an exsius recording to playback. I would not have seen this if i hadn't been looking thoroughly at the logs, perhaps it's time to create a button/log for playback problems, so recordings can be logged not to playback by certain memebers and then another member can either "confirm" the unplaybackability or "confirm" the true score with a message of how to get it to playback properly.

My best design guess is: there would be another flag like the confirm flag in the database called "NoPlayback" and have a log just like the confirm log, so editors can scan through all the recordings that people weren't able to playback. A difference from being just a confirm flag is that if that recording is confirmed, the "NoPlayback" flag gets turned off and the confirmed state is logged in the NoPlayback log as well as the confirm log.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2001

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