East Tennessee Annual Conference

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The 101st session of the East Tennessee Annual Connference opens today (9/19) at Campbell Chapel AMEC in Pulaski, TN. Please pray for the conference and Bishop Talbot during this week as we meet in this trying time for our country.

The Lord is our refuge and strength.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2001


The first day of the East Tennessee Conference, hosted by the Rev Daniel D. Mc Candless, Sr., and the members of Campbell Chapel Church, Pulaski, Tn had some powerful preaching. The Annual Sermon was delivered by the Rev. David Harrison Strong, pastor of St Paul AMEC, Chattanooga, Tn. The visitation of The Holy Spirit was evident. Listening to the message convicted us to not hide our lights under a bushel.

GOD allowd Rev. Strong's 77 year old mother to witness the happenings of the E. Tennessee Conference.

On Wednesday Night, "Ecumenical Night" Minsiter Shirley Brown, Associate MInster at Old Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church served as the Worship leader. The Men's Chorus of Temple of Praise Baptist Church, featuirng a 12 year old keyboardist and a 91 year old Deacon provided the music. The Temple of Praise's Dance Team drendered service unto The Lord. The able Pastor of The TEmple of Priase Baptsit Church, Pulaski, Tn, the Rev. Stanley Garrett preached as The Holy Spirit gave him utterance!

I noticed Bishop Frederick H Talbot and he was greatly moved by the power of GOD. Talbot had to let the peopl see that he was not ashamed to respond to the question as to whether or not he served a Risen Saviour. My wife told me later Bishop Talbot will preach!

Day # 2 Reports werer given by the pastors and Lay delegates. At 12:00 Noon, the Rev. Barbara Saderfur, pastor or ROund Hill AMEC serviced as worship leader. the Rev. Kevin Love, the son of the late Rev. Wille S. Love, ably performed at the piano, and gave direction to the choir. Sons of Bishop Talbot showed up and prayed, read the scriptrue from Exodus. Attorney John Wesley Mc Clarity, an elder of 20 years in the East Tennesse Conference, preached basicilly the message "Just Two Rules Are Required to be observed" Love GOD With all of your heart, mind and soul." "Love thy neighbor as thy self". Being an insturctor of Constitutional Law, and a very successsful Lawyer. Mc Clarity humbly, simply and powerfully preached.

Sons of Bishop Talbot, Rev. Kenneth Marcus and three other Minsiters traveled hours just to say "Thank You" to Bishop and Mrs. Talbot for the investment that he placed in each of them.

The host pastor, the Rev. Daniel D. Mc Candless read the report of his stewardship at Campbell's Chapel. He pryaeerfully reusted taht the East Tennesse Annual Conference allow him to Superanuate. This request was approved. Mc Candless served this congregation for 9 years. Though, younger than he, I remember his father, a fine preacher. He married a fine woman, the former Annette Hughes (from a Christian family). Mc Candless is to be commended for the work done and for the years of service given to GOD and to the Church of Jesus Christ.

I wish the I could have stayed to witness the rest of day two! I'm hearing that the Rev. Robert E Keesee, Presiidng Elder of the Kentuck Conference is the schedule dpreacher at Frisdy, September 21, 2001 Ordination Serivce. Keeesee served St Paul Church, Cahttanooga, Tn, as pastor for 12 years.

I'm sure that Brother Michael Baugh will tell the rst of the story! GOD be praised for the Great Things HE has done!

-- Anonymous, September 21, 2001

One thing I will add at this point, is the that Rev. William Howard Smith graced us with his presence on piano during Friday ordination service and Sat. closing service. I will have a some more when I have a chance to rest and reveiw my notes. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2001

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