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I need someone to attend the Sports Club Council meeting this Thursday night. It is during our practice hours (8:30-10:30) and if you go, you will get credit for having gone to karate class. I cannot attend the meetings; I have schedule conflicts, and if no one goes, we can get kicked out of the sports club programs and have to pay a bunch of fines.

If you would like to do this as a regular thing, the council meets once a month on a Thursday night. There is not a whole lot of work involved-- they'll give you papers on the important stuff, and if they say anything like "lets take money away from all the martial arts clubs," just argue against that. It would also look great on a resume as a "leadership position," since it is a major campus organization. I generally avoid "leadership" and "councils" like the plague, and I am even disappointed that I have a schedule conflict and can't go. So you see how great it must be. It is actually rather enjoyable, and our club needs it, so please volunteer for this thrilling opportunity.

I have already talked about this in class some, but I am sending this out as a reminder. Please reply ASAP.


-- Anonymous, September 19, 2001

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