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I've been batting this off for the last 9 or 10 years with the last contact being around 5-6 years ago.Now receiving Notice of Appointment to serve Statutory Demand at my parents' address (not living there now). I want to question them over the MIG and the price that they sold for (the usual, ridiculously low sum).Does this amount to admission and so start the 6 or 12 year limitation period all over again?It's been a long struggle getting out of debt over the years and so I'm keen to avoid it all starting over again. Anyone got any ideas what to do next?? Just as an aside to others in similar took me a long time,an ulcer and more worry than I care to think about seeing out the whole debt/repo thing and I can only say DON'T really isn't the end of the world(deliberate use of cliche!).You can come through it with pride and life intact - just don't let the b*****ds gring you down! Good luck everyone.

-- mark ferrari (, September 18, 2001


Querying the debt could be construed as an admission of part of the debt but then so could the paperwork Mortgage Corporation/First Active hold so it's a non-issue.

With regard to your question: "what to do next?" Read the material at this link and prepare whatever you can: http://www.home-

Then you need to read pretty much the rest of the site to get your counter attack going.

I see the Do's and Don'ts link in the Repossession section is broken at the moment but I will fix this shortly.


-- Lee (, September 18, 2001.

Ah, the blisss that is Eversheds. Thick aren't they? Your parents are not obliged to provide Eversheds with any information, to begin with. I agree with Lee that they'll argue your queries are indicative of admitting the debt. However, look at the pages as suggested. You should be able to couch your enquiries in terms that suggest you don't acknowledge it whilst still making them.

-- (, September 20, 2001.

I notice you say sold at a "ridiculously low sum". Do you know who they sold to? I've just discovered The Mortgage Corporation sold my property in 1992 for slightly less than the capital sum, to Cavendish Home Investments No.2 Ltd. Surprise, surprise, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Mortgage Corporation. They're still pursuing me for interest and improvements (you know those usual improvements so necessary like fitted kitchen, landscaped garden etc.) they claim they had to make to the property to sell it.

-- Simon Hensby (, May 03, 2002.

Simon, how did you get the info about Cavendish? Did you check the records to see who/what owned the property after you or did the paperwork let you know somehow?


-- Too scared to say (, May 03, 2002.

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