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Rev. & Mrs. Allen McClendon, pastor and first lady of St. Paul AME Church, Corydon, Indianapolis were in a car accident while driving from church on Sunday. The accident was fatal for Mrs. McClendon (Adrienne). Reverend McClendon is still in serious condition in Methodist Hospital - Indianapolis, Indiana.

Funeral Services for Mrs. Adrienne McClendon are scheduled for Friday, 11AM at St. John AME Church, Indianapolis.

Expression of sympathy can be sent to: Rev. Allen McClendon c/o St. John AME Church 1669 Columbia Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202

Reverend Oliver Saxby, pastor of Cosmopolitan AME Church - Atlanta, Georgia passed recently. Funeral services for Reverend Saxby have been held. However, expressions of sympathy may be sent to his widow, Mrs. Elease Saxby.

Send to: Mrs. Elease Saxby 240 Sunset Drive NW Atlanta, Georgia 30314

Please remember both families in your prayers.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2001


I live in Indianapolis and I have spread the word. I am not AME, but I have friends who are. We are all family and share each other's burdens.

God is faithful and we will continue to pray for Rev. McClendon. Our church has Bible Study tonight and I will be sure to mention the Church and family, so we can have special prayer.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2001

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