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If CNN has really used old footage of cheering, dancing Palestininas....pretending they are celebrating the WTC disaster all just to rile up the US citizens, this is despicable!


-- meg davis (, September 16, 2001


If people would just stop and consider that these children are second or third generation since the Palestinians were rounded up in 1948. They are born into Islam just as the rest of us are born into a religion (for the most part). And here we are making them out to be some kind of genetic-grown evil, when in nearly every case, they didn't even chose to be Islamic. Not that Islam itself is bad. It isn't. These people would gladly leave all us Christians alone if we would just allow them a home other than a barbed wire enclosure.

Simply, there has never been any voluntary decision for these people to begin training as a future terrorist.

Now the news that this is likely old video footage? What chance have we got with spinmeisters like these, who seem bent on us despising even their beloved children?

-- Ken (, September 16, 2001.

Meg and Ken

I don't know what footage CNN is using, but other reports seem to indicate that not all of the footage is old. According to one Canadian tv reporter and to the writer of the article I posted on the "CBC accuses..." thread, videotapes are being withheld.

-- Rachel Gibson (, September 16, 2001.

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