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Denominations of a thousand different deities

Congregations, endless carnivals of gaiety

Why should I fear, why should I cling onto anything?

It's not how long I live, but how beautiful it is

And I saw crying, there was turmoil in the marketplace

I saw economies perpetuate the next arms race

And I felt helpless, and there was nothing I could say

And then I noticed there's a change that's coming over me

Tapping into the aeon

Tapping into the aeon

Balance of the ecosystem, self-reliance beckons us

Windmills and waterfalls, strawberries and lily ponds

When skyscrapers no longer block the sun's meridian

When we awaken to the whisper of the voice

Tapping into the aeon

- from the album "Democracy"

-- Inukko (, September 16, 2001

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