Loose FD 35/2

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The lens doesn't sit firmly on the body. Even if the chrome ring is tightened, the lens can move ca 1mm. Any idea how to sort this?

-- Erik Rydstrom (erikrydstrom@hotmail.com), September 15, 2001


If this is the only lens that does this, the lens mount assembly on the lens is a bit loose. You can probably tighten it up by tightening the screws underneath the lens mount ring. The is a chance you will have to remove the lens mount ring to do so.

If other lenses do this as well, the lens mount in the camera is loose. Depending on the camera you may have to remove one or two covers to access the attachement screws. This quite common in T90s.

Good luck & cheers,


-- Duane k (dkucheran@creo.com), September 16, 2001.

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