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Hi All (especially in USA),

Just a little report that you possibly won't see in the international media.

Last night I was assigned to cover the Ignite event for the Sydney Olympic Park Authority. This was the 1st anniversary of the opening ceremony of the the 'peaceful games' Sydney 2000. and called for a bit of 6x12 magificence.

Highlight of the evening was the relighting of the Olympic cauldron, presided over by New South Wales State Premier, Bob Carr. In his address he called for a minute silence in observance of the New York tragedy and declared that the Olympic flame would burn as a request for a return to peace. The crowd of nearly 60,000 was noticably moved by his comments and the memory of the pernicious events of this past week.


-- Walter Glover (, September 15, 2001


Walter, Thank you for sharing as I've not heard about it in the US media. It was a wonderful gesture.

-- Saulius Eidukas (, September 15, 2001.

Oops, sorry.

I did not realise that this post logged twice. My mistake


-- Walter Glover (, September 16, 2001.


As a New Yorker and a Greek, the gesture of lighting the Olympic cauldron has special significance. In ancient times, the Olympics were so sacred that all were guaranteed safe passage in transit to the Games. They were a matter of respect and honor, something greater than even the reason people were at war. Those times are gone. As the saying goes, nothing is sacred.

Thanks for the report. --Tony

-- Tony Karnezis (, September 17, 2001.

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