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It is possible to create VCD with Divx encoding format? Standard we use Mpeg1 to create VCD, but i would like use other encoding system like Divx, Is it possible?

-- oloo (, September 15, 2001


Unfortunately no, Oloo. DivX (and Microsoft ASF) are based on MPEG-4 only, and are much more complicated in terms of layers than VCD/s-VCD formats. But if made properly, DivX playback quality is much more superior to VCD's (and any other MPEG-1 formats). The only tradeoff is, you have to play DivX on your PC only... however, someone is making a hardware player for DivX movies (read on the internet).

-- Sid G (, September 15, 2001.

If you want to burn a vcd using Divx, it is not possible. But you can convert Divx into vcd format. Just use Quicktime pro, and under the file menu select export as. Just export it into toast video cd.

-- Jad (, January 27, 2003.

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