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Has anyone any experience with the Topcor 90/5.6 large format lens? A secondhand camera I'm looking at getting has this lens, and I am unable to find any info on it. It appears to have a Horseman logo on it - is it another lens rebadged as a 'Horseman Topcor' lens? If so, who made it?

-- Brad Cheers (, September 15, 2001


I had just done some test shots a few days ago with the Topcor Horseman 90mm 1:5.6 against my Master Technika's Grandagon 90mm 1:4.5 for my new 6x12 roll film back, although the Tokyo Kogaku (Tokyo Optics- maker of the discontinued Topcon) barely covers the 4x5 with little movement when compared to the 105 degrees Grandagon, it does produce very sharp and contrasty images, I bought the Horseman lens new with a few others (65mm 1:7, 75mm 1:5.6, 105mm 1:4.5 and 180mm 1:5.6) for my camed Horseman 985 MF and later used them on my Horseman 45HF, remember only the ones that say Super in red will cover 4x5.

-- isleter (, September 15, 2001.

In the eighties there were five (Horseman) Topcor LF lenses 90, 150, 180, 210 and 300mm. They all were real 4x5 lenses instead of the Horseman/Topcor ER series mentioned by the former contributer. The specifications of the LF 90mm are, image circle 236mm@f22 (105 dgr) and 154mm@f5.6 (81dgr).

-- Ruud Knulst (, September 15, 2001.

Thanks for the help - instead of that camera I've just lined up a Horseman 6x12 back instead. I'll also keep hunting for a 90mm f8 Nikkor...

-- Brad Cheers (, September 18, 2001.

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