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Where were you? How are you?

-- Claire (, September 15, 2001


Yo estaba en mi casa,viendo la televisión,cuando cortaron y salió la primera imagen de la torre ardiendo.Luego se vio una gran bola de fuego y supimos ya que no era una casualidad.La verdad es que creia que era un sueño(I´m in my house,watching TV,when cuts and watch the first image of the tower burning.Watch a great ball of fire.The true is I think it´s a dream)

-- Raquel Y (, November 08, 2001.

I was photocopying MLA and APA "Quick Guides" in the reference office of Jackson Library at UNCG. One of the librarians came out of her office and announced it. I was totally shocked. Numb.

I am fine, but sad. Sometimes the world is disappointing. I thank God I didn't lose anyone, myself, and feel for those who did.

-- Eileen (, August 16, 2002.

I was starting my first day of work, at, of all places, MCI WorldCom. In retrospect, I think I should have said, "No good can come of this relationship.. it's clear the the Gods have spoken. Thanks. Bye now." I was staring aghast at the many television monitors in the fiber security room. After a few hours of this I came to myself and drove home at top speed to check on family.

Nearly a year later, I no longer work for Worldcom (big shock there) and no longer live in that state. I think the whole horrible thing gave me a clearer view of what I can do to help, and that that is really what I want to do. So I am trying to do that.

I worry very much for our country, but at the same tiem I find myself deeply touched and delighted by individual people, every day. I think that that is where hope lies, always.

-- Jamie Aves Martin (, August 26, 2002.

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