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I was wondering, why does Trevor keep the insect trapped in his finger. And also, what is it that he scoops out with a knife and spreads on the cracker? I assume its bug droppings, since he gives his finger a disapproving glance before scooping it out. Just curious.


-- Duane (, September 14, 2001


Duane, I think that the reasoning for keeping the bug in his finger is two fold: 1) to make sure that the bug infects him so that he can properly invent a cure for the nasty virus that the bug causes and 2) just because it is easier to carry it. I think that the "stuff" that Trevor gets out with the knife is most likley bug crap. It sure is nasty isn't it? Why the hell is he eating that? Every time I see that it makes me cringe!

-- Brian Patrick (, September 15, 2001.

I dont think the bug is real. From what it does,infecting the virus, it looks mechanical. I always thought that, much like Aeon's tooth, his finger was a compartment. The bug then gave off a side effect from the production of the virus in the form of a cheese or jelly, that tastes yummy. BTW is there anyone else that everytime you watch this Short you think, this time she wont step on the nail.This not only happens, for me, with this one but for ether Drift theory as well.---Emma.

-- Emma Frost (, September 15, 2001.

Yeah, everytime I watch that episode I also think 'Maybe she won't step on the nail this time.' I loved Drift Theory too, I think that was the first full-length episode I had seen.

-- Duane (, September 15, 2001.

I always thought the cracker spread was the antidote. He's not eating that for FUN, is he?

-- Inukko (, September 16, 2001.

Or is he? Maybe it laid eggs in his finger... mmm, bug caviar. Cronenberg would be proud.

-- Inukko (, September 16, 2001.

Inukko, funny you should say that because in the Herodotus File Trevor is featured in a magazine article for eating Elle's Roach Larvae Caviar as if it's very chic. BTW: what is the name of this short? It happens I watched it today and I noticed Mark Mars name on it, so I would like to ask for any info on this wacked out ending. ANY light shed on this will help. Like is she a ghost? In heaven???? What? Oh, yeah, I also think every time maybe she won't step on that nail.

-- Barb e. (, November 15, 2001.

For the record Mark Mars had absolutely nothing to do with the "original", non-dialog AEON FLUX. I wouldn't permit a mistake. I recognize the nondialog "shorts" to constitute altogether an unqualified phenomenon, an event absolutely its own, an art coup, a cosmic singularity. Some kind of anomaly out of nowhere, now here and giving the lie to history before us.

-- dangerboy (, November 16, 2001.

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