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hi there im from the UK and am considering buying a portable vcd player. But i was wondering what type of connectors would i need to connect the player to my 14" TV. Please note my television is quite old (7 years). I have no idea and was wondering if i can just plug it into my television directly from the vcd player?

many thanks in advance.

-- Sid Ahmed (, September 14, 2001


All TV sets have a RF input connector, but you cannot connect a VCD player to this point. What you need to have is an additional "Audio & Video input connector" ... usually two 'RCA' type connectors for Audio (black) & Video(yellow). (In some older models the connector for the Video is 'BNC' type) and the cable comes along with the VCD player. However if you do not have these then you have two options 1> Buy a modulator which accepts A/V input from the VCD player and outputs a RF modulated channel which can be tuned by the TV. or 2> Buy one of those cheap Chinese VCD/MP-3 players which have a in-built RF output along with the standard composite A/V outputs.

-- Chetan Umarje (, September 15, 2001.

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