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Anybody who know Francis Galton(1869). He developes the theory of hereditary genius.



-- anny (, September 14, 2001


Response to Anybody who know Francis Galton

Galton is very well known in the history of psychology. You will find an account of him in almost any history of psychology textbook. There is also a website devoted to him at

-- Christopher Green (, September 14, 2001.

The interesting thing about Francis Galton (my first cousin 5 times removed) is that his relatives rather prove the point about inherant genetic intelligence. His father was a first cousin of Charles Darwin and he himself was a great Grandson of Erasmus Darwin, who was a brilliant and innovative scientist in his own right. Erasmus's great Grandfather was the head judge in the London city courts (the Recorder of London) so clearly also brilliant. Me, a humble barrister in England (IQ 135 - just tested).

-- Francis (, January 18, 2002.

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