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S! brothers iam starting to get in to some arting fating on the pc now so can you plez send me a photo of you about 1 inch squ to me plez iam try to do a squad photo for us your help well be helpful thank you all S! from you brother in arms corey aka RNZAF_HITMAN

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2001


S! all its been some time now waiting for the photos to come in but there are some of you how have not sent them in yet . but a big thank you for all of the squad members who have sent one in (a big stand up S! to you)Its just a idea i got just to see what my brother in arms look like and would be nice to have something up for site or if you dont like that just for us thank you Corey aka RNZAF_HITMAN

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2001

S! sorry brothers I just need a photo of your head thats all for you bro and kid one together well be ok to thank you S! all

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2001


Good idea Hitman....I'll get a photo touched up and sent to you.


-- Anonymous, September 14, 2001

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