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I am looking for a part for my Canon FD 35-105 f/3.5 lens; specifically I am looking for a new front helicoid as mine is cracked. Like other people have found, I have discovered that Canon is no longer producing these replacement parts (as of about 3 months ago unfortunately).

Can anyone suggest a source for a part? Does any 3rd party make these parts? I've tried local camera repair shops, many online forums,, etc, with no success.

I would also consider buying a parts/non-functioning lens of the same type.

Thanks, Chris

-- Chris Lowe (, September 14, 2001


Chris, I've just sent a Canon zoom to Camera Repair Japan in Norcross, Georgia ( They had the discontinued piece to repair my lens. They will not sell the part directly, but will overhaul your lens. I've read good comments about their service.

-- Alan Swartz (, September 14, 2001.

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