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I have seen Peter Gowland's web site (, but they only have very low quality photos of their view cameras. Quite disappointing. I have been unable to find any good photos of his cameras on the web. Does anyone know of any site where I can find some? If you have a Gowland, do you have any photos on your personal site? Could you direct me to it or, if you have a digital camera handy, take some photos from various angles?

As a resident of New York City, I send my sympathy to those who have lost friends and loved ones.

Sincerely, Tony

-- Tony Karnezis (, September 14, 2001


Whether they are still there is another question, but there've been several in recent weeks on EBay. Check the completed auctions. Is there a search facility for completed auctions on EBay? I'm not sure.

-- neil poulsen (, September 14, 2001.


At on time Gowland had a brochure on his line of equipment. Contact him directly and see if a brochure is still available.

-- Ken Burns (, September 14, 2001.

Tony, send me an email and you can come and take a look at my Gowland 8x10" sometime. It's an early one, not quite as sturdy as the newer ones seem to be, but it will give you an idea. I live up by Columbia.

-- David Goldfarb (, September 14, 2001.

A couple of years ao I got a nice little brochure from Gowland. If you phone for a brochure, prepare to spend time on the phone. Peter gowland must have spent nearly an hour explaining his cameras and talking about their use, stories about photographers and photography in general!

tim a

-- tim atherton (, September 14, 2001.

You can check completed sales on e bay for the previous 30 days (I think it's 30 days).

-- Brian Ellis (, September 15, 2001.

Thanks for all the replies, everyone. I contacted Peter Gowland, and he is sending me a brochure. Of interest, in just a few weeks he will come out with what he said would be the world's lightest aluminum 8x10 camera (perhaps a scaled-up version of the original 4x5 pocket view?). Stay tuned... -Tony

-- Tony Karnezis (, September 19, 2001.

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