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Situation: Aeon; resting in Trevor's arms as her literal apartment crashes down around her and her figurative 'home' is destroyed utterly. She falls. We see Aeon struggling to save Trevor, his grasp slipping, little realizing the emotional tables were already at work in 'flux'. Soon, she would rest in his arms, rescued from the life she artificially constructed to protect herself. A life of denial of trust in anothers strengths but she has become a fragile leaf in a terrible storm of inner conflict. David Bowie could easily have sung Trevor's thoughts: "Like the leaf clings to the tree, oh my darling cling to me. You touch me. I hear the sound of Mandolin's. You kiss me. With your kiss my life begins. You're spring to me. All things to me...For we're like creatures in the wind...and Wild is the wind. Wild is the wind" - David Bowie/Trevor Goodchild

-- Barb e. (, September 14, 2001


Its funny you say that about Bowie, Trevor's always sort of reminded me of him.

-- Duane (, September 23, 2001.

I think Peter said once that MTV had actually considered Bowie for the part. Personally, I'm glad it went to a semi-obscure actor like John Lee... great stuff, even if he did have to "Americanize" his voice.

-- Inukko (, September 23, 2001.

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