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-His early life? -His parents? His tragedy in his life? -His educational backgroud? -His short stories -something about his book Raven and how it got him famous? -His lack of business sense -His obsessions and themes -His marriage -His addictions -His occupations -HIs death and the death of his mother and wife -unusual facts of interest that pertain to Edgar Alan Poe

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2001


That's why there are libraries . . . You may be surprised at what you find, but you have to actually look.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2001

I think that your vision on using libraries instead of internet is wrong. You can find more stuff on the internet then in any book in the world. The incyclopedia is good but its to much of a hassel.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

The internet and the librarys are equally important as usefull, but being able to utalize the both of them would be even better than just using one.

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2003

I think the internet has a greater amount of information, but some of it can be inaccurate. Published works in books are more likely to be true.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2003

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