VX-2000 gray market difference?

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Anyone know (from their own buying experience) what the actual difference is between gray market and US warranty VX2000 cameras? I know about the differences in price (about $600), language/presence of owners manual (English v. none), and accessories ( which seems to be up to discretion of the vendor). I need the low-down on whether there is Anything operationally different in the cameras; Salesguy at "Royal" Camera swears that grey mkt one lacks "IR focusing" and "metal lens mount", or some such double talk.

-- Peter (petemail@swbell.net), September 13, 2001


if the question is,"does sony make a grey market model;are their 'designer' cameras for sale on the grey market etc." then there can be only one answer.

-- lab (tunefed@hotmail.com), December 10, 2001.

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