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I am trying to establish what the core competencies are for Service Level Management. This may sound like a rudimentary question, but my background is in technical writing and I have just recently started a position in Service Level Management. Having some input on this would help me determine areas that I need to develop, courses to take, etc.

-- Catherine Helwig (helwgc@attcanada.ca), September 13, 2001


Catherine, The answer depends upon your responsiblities. It is not clear what you will be doing - whether this is a technical position, purely administrative, etc. As the risk of seeming to be self- serving, "Foundations of Service Level Management" is a good starting point. If you wish to contact me directly with more details, I may be able to offer some more specific suggestions.

-- Rick Sturm (sturm@enterprisemanagement.com), November 04, 2001.


Have you looked at the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)? Have a look at the web site http://www.itil.co.uk

PinkRoccade are recognised as "the ITIL experts" and provide a full range of consultancy skills that may interest you - we also operate in the US/Canada under the name Pink Elephant so it may also be worth you looking at our web site http://wwww.pinkroccade.com


Tony Price PinkRoccade UK

-- Tony Price (Tony.Price@pinkroccade.co.uk), April 12, 2002.

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