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I think it would be nice if everyone would tell a bit about themselves, since we might not be attending the same class sessions. So I'll start:

actual name: Hannah Reynolds college stats: Sophomore, from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Organismal Biology and French majors (that could change in the next week or so)

This is my second year in the KU Karate Club, and the beginning of my fourth year studying karate.

I will generally be attending the Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday classes.

I know, this whole "post stupid and boring facts about yourself" may not be the most thrilling thing in the world, but hey, it beats those stinkin' icebreakers we have to do at every large organization-type group at KU. And this way you will only have to say it once instead of about ten times after and before karate practice to every other member in the club and 3 times to me, because I always forget vital info like people's names and majors.

So please, don't be shy, and even if I already know you, other people might not.


-- Anonymous, September 13, 2001


For all that want to know a little bit about me, go to the web site and read my bio. Again I don't think this is boring, it is nice to know about my "family". -Sensei

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2001

I am in the 2nd part of my sophmore year (I started school in Jan. 2000). I am a geology B.S. major (sensei usually refers to me as a "rock doc"), and a Japanese minor. I would like to get a doctorate in paleontology and teach and do research at a university somewhere (If I could get a job at a university in Japan, that would be ideal).The term sophomore has little meaning to me, because with the combination of my major and minor I have, I will spend at least five years doing my undergraduate degree. In order to not spend more then five years on this, I pretty much live in Lawrence year round.I started karate this summer, about a week or two before the summer semester ended. I am from Hobart NY, which is about four hours from New York City. My only real tie to NY right now is my best friend from H.S., Amanda, or "Aphrodite". I attend the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday practices.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

Hannah, I am going to try very hard to keep my *shy* side under control here.

I have been in the Army since 1981. In these 20 years, I've never had what you would call a steady job. I was in the military police for seven years, language school for a year, ROTC for three years, the infantry for four years, intelligence for four years and now a few years more school as a Foreign Area Officer. During that time, I have traveled a bit. The post-Cold War mission has given me 'opportunities' to travel to Somalia, Haiti, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Georgia and a number of other out of the way places.

I studied Okinawan karate (Isshin-Ryu) in Michigan as a high school student and then got busy doing the things above, and resumed my training here. As a foreign area officer, I am likely to find myself overseas quite a bit, and I find that the martial arts have a number of purposes of which I can offer three. Naturally, some capability for self-defense on the streets of Central Asia is advisable. Law enforcement institutions in much of the world are not up to snuff, and Americans sometimes draw unwanted attention. Less obviously, the martial arts are a good way to get to know people. In the militaries of the Former Soviet Union, many officers have done advanced training in some form of martial arts (often SAMBO). There are also dojos all over the region and all over the US that teach good karate. In short, it gives you something to do in the FSU beside drinking vodka... Finally, I just feel better when I am training--better composed and less stressed.

At home, I have a wife, Beth, to whom I have been married since 13 years, and with whom I parent four children (aged 2-11).

I will be here for only a few months more (through the end of the year). After that, I will be in Washington, DC for a few years.

Additional information (in the form 'war stories'). Just ask me. But when you do, please follow the wise advice of one of my former platoon sergeants. When the **it gets too deep, raise your hand (to save your watch).

Regards, -jb

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

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