Let us put on the full body armor of Jesus Christ

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My sisters and brothers in Christ I greet you today with the Knowledge that we as believers have a God and a Savior that is in control of this world. This is a time for us to put on the armor of Jesus Christ. Let us pray unceasingly! For every hour we watch TV or listen to the radio. Let us match it with time for prayer. For everytime we hear the statement "We are at war!" let us match it with "We are one with God!" We must remember that we are also in a spiritual battle. We will be victorious for we have our risen lord and savior to prove that. Let this day be the beginning of daily bible study and prayer. Let us share our spiritual strength on this board and then share it with others. Let us be proactive for Christ. Call our prayers chain, start a prayer chain and pray for our country and armed forces. Also remember that we have AME clergy in the military and AME's in the armed forces. Let us make contact with their families to offer additional support. I would like to lift up from the Pacific Northwest Conference. Rev. Robert Payne of Union Bethel AME in great falls and Rev. Beverly at first AME in fairbanks Alaska. Rev. Beverly is a powerful man who has five licentates in his church who is also in the military. Rev. Payne is a captain and is anointed by God. If there are those that you know that are clergy on active duty contact your Bishop so that he/she is aware of who they are. Our Bishop; Bishop John Bryant likes to personally pray for those who are called to active duty. IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US! All of you are in my prayers. Be strong in Christ.

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2001


"This is a time for us to put on the armor of Jesus Christ"

Nay, lets us put our faith in that which has proven itself time and time again. The will and blood of men, whose efforts, not prayers, will win battles, and our weapons, whose might will strike down our foes, not Christ.

The enemy believes that God is on their side as fervently as we, but both sides cannot be favoured by God, so perhaps we are, or they, or neither,so we must trust what we know to be true: only by strength of arms, and strength of will can we purge our opponents from this earth, not prayer, not god.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

Who would you recommend we take up arms against? Al Quaeda? In progress. Who else?

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

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