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I was just watching through some old animated "classics" in my collection and I re-watched Fist Of The North Star. Heh... many really don't call this a "classic" - in fact a ton of people downright hated it (who couldn't hate the dubs put out... they are awful), but either way I find it an entertaining watch and it'd been a long time.

So I watched it and I noticed something funny... a scene where a rather strange group of violent thugs is looking down on some people who will no doubt end up prey, and one of the guys just starts licking his axe. It is something I also remember Aeon doing?

Anyhow - I was wondering if this could be total coincidence, or maybe Chung was a fan? FOTNS does have a very adult style of art (ridden with a blood spurting cliche of that that animation era) complete w/ very lean, fit, muscular characters and a lanky type of style... who knows where Mr. Chung could have found his inspiration =P

-- Attrox (, September 11, 2001


well I think the licking of the gun/ blade could come from just a inner feeling for grotesqness or sexual-anxiety that he can visualize for the film and then bring into real the film. Not afraid of sexual content or the sexuality of his characters. As for the Bodys I remember that he often repeated that Egon Schiele, the painter, was his influence. Look under "Egon Schiele" ni Google and look at the bodys he paints. They very very Expressive. Its part of the art movement of the Expressionist. The limbs particular to Schiele is the long and thin limbs that convey a great sense of manoverability and movement. The lines are less curved and more (hacked?) straight lines. I am shure he saw this some time ago and it awestruck him, it was completely ultimatly beautiful for him. So it's only natural that it stayed in his Brain in constant admiration.

Thinking about it, it's a fucking shame that he had to die so young! blame it on the Fucking war!

-- carbondioxide (, August 16, 2003.

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