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A while back I was watching the Transformers movie and I noticed the name Peter Chung in the credits. I think it listed him as a storyboard artist. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is THE Peter Chung or just some other guy. I woudn't be surprised if he was affiliated with the Thunder Cats too in some way. The opening sequence has a similar style to a lot of other things he has been involved with.

-- Logo (, September 11, 2001


It's the same guy all right. I don't think he had anything to do with ThunderCats, though.

-- Dr. Razzmatazz (, September 25, 2001.

How do you know it's the same Peter Chung?

-- Logo (, September 25, 2001.

Actually, what Chung did for Transformers the movie is that 1 or 2 minute total oh how th fok do you do that with words I oughta no - interstellar starcrusher like big dope fat machinery relentless all clacking open and open again this awesome triumph of humanity's obsession pistons & punchclocks metal fetish for its own obsolescence - lurid too, that bit, as I recall. Chung Rules So Bad - what thfokyuhgonnado...but that's what he did that I know of on that, of course it was the only reason to even see that piece of shit - and I got to see it on the big screen, at the time . You know what I really am in awe of the man, I have to say.

And back then, I certainly had no idea whatsoever that it (or anything!) might come to any of THIS !!

-- dangerboy (, November 10, 2001.

You mean Unicron's transformation sequence?

-- Starscream (, November 10, 2001.

Yes I believe so - it was a huge robot planet whose speaking voice was I think that of the late Orson Welles (his last gig too, I believe). In fact, there was a part in the movie involving some final interaction with the planet and another agency which at the time I should apologize seemed not badly conceived /written after all. But the rest of it was I thought not what we look to as exemplary of what to do when you've the opportunity to contribute to language of your culture.

-- dangerboy (, November 10, 2001.

The movie wasn't that bad in certain scenes. In fact, if you wanted to make a featurette of cool scenes involving transformers, it's probably your best source. But as a motion picture, uh, I'd have to agree with Leonard Maltin (and that's a first) "little more than a feature-length toy commercial"

-- Starscream (, November 10, 2001.

Oh, and here's a link to a video clip of the scene in question:

it's at the very bottom "Unicron Transforming"

Beware: it's 11 megabytes

-- Starscream (, November 10, 2001.

Sweet. All hail this message board as a great source of nostalgic minutiae.

Hey dangerboy, what other projects have you worked on besides Flux? Both the ones you're proud of and the ones you're ashamed of (you know, the cash cows).

-- Logo (, November 10, 2001.

What do you guys think the Unicron of today would look like now that nanotechnology, rather than robotics, is the wave of the future. Personally, I envision some huge, light years wide, interstellar gaseous nanocolony drifting through space; still devouring everything in its path of course, just doing it much more quietly and with much less waste. Its a more PC, ecologically sound omnipotent death machine. And of course it wouldn't actually transform, it would just make stuff out of all the atoms trapped in its gaseous mass. Stuff like other nanomachine colonies.

-- Logo (, November 10, 2001.

In the post movie episode "Call of the Primatives", Unicron's creator made a new universal threat; Tornotron, a "living" cloud of energy that feeds on energon.

It was a stupid episode. (Well, come to think of it, with the exceptions of "Starscream's Ghost" and "Ghost in the machine", all the post movie episodes were dumb.)

-- Starscream (, November 11, 2001.

I want to launch a rock and roll project! I got a novel in the oven - and well I got a track-record (not much of one but I got one) so who knows, I'm gud to go for it. But I guess I've gotten discouraged and there is no excuse for depression. It's awful. I ought to die but I can't and I don't want to.

"The Unicron" . Jesus shit already.

-- dangerboy (, November 11, 2001.

I mean here you had Orson Welles and Peter Chung it took to retrieve art from the maw of the drivel of consumism! So that's how I ever got a gig. WTF.

Least I never really had to spar it out with any troika of cacanostri suitjob yupscum - people like me never see a hope in hell of really working without the sort of people like Mr. Chung or Mr. Welles who may on some rare or fortuitous occasion see through a possibility of Art.

-- dangerboy (, November 11, 2001.

Hey, you seem to know a lot about the Transformers starscream. I was a big fan when I was a kid, but I don't remember much about the series now. So who created Unicron and Tornotron? And what was the deal with that floating dude with three faces? I thought he was supposed to be the progenitor of all the transformers. Or was he a machine himself; I can't remember?

-- Logo (, November 11, 2001.

Unicron and Tornotron were created by a little reptilian guy called Primacron. He's supposed to be be so smart that he overlooks simple things while working on very complex things, ie; he can build a unstoppable universal dominator like Unicron, but he forgets about the "OFF" switch the moment his creation rebels. He also created some of the animal-like transformers (which makes no sense.) His goal was to collect all energy (and matter in Unicron's case) in the universe for some great experiment that he never elaborated on. Grimlock trashed his lab after Tornotron was defeated, and he was never heard from again.

And the Quintessons were the the five faced beings who created the Transformers (actually, there was a three-faced Quintesson, he served as a living plot device I believe.) They are cyborgs who sold the transformers as consumer goods and military hardware with artificial intelligence to help in their daily tasks. The Transformers were sentient, and it was only a matter of time before they realized they were slaves, and rebelled. They expelled the Quintessons from the planet, and quickly forgot that their creators ever existed.

-- Starscream (, November 12, 2001.

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