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I have recently come across a set of new lens elements for a Schneider 150mm f/4.5 Xenar lens. I was hoping someone could tell me what size shutter I need. I would also be curious to hear opinions of this lens too. Thanks

-- Kent S. (, September 10, 2001


a 150mm f/4.5 Xenar need a size 1 shutter, he has an IC of 180mm and a m40.5 x 0.5 filter size good luck with your lens

-- Schmerber (, September 10, 2001.

Kent: I use the 150 mm Xenar as my only normal lens for 4x5 and I have never found a reason to replace it. It is a very sharp and contrasty lens when stopped down below f8 or so. I usually shoot at f16 to f22, and the lens does all I want it to do. It is a very good example of the tessar formula lens, with four elements. It has room for some movements, but not as much as a plasmat formula. I think you will find it is a joy to use.


-- Doug Paramore (, September 10, 2001.

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