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About a month ago I sent my Super Technika V and 5 lenses back to the Marflex Service Corporation (Linhof) to have cams cut for the RF. Camera came back in a week, and something was wrong. I called Mr. Martin Arndt,President and talked with technician Mr.Krikor Maralian. Martin immediately asked me to return it at HIS expense and it was overnighted to Marflex with some test negative I had shot. Less than a week later, Martin overnighted the system back to me, WITH a new GG (at his expense). Text the next day showed PERFECT caming, RF adjustments and also included test Ektachromes they had shot at 15' and infinity...all of which were on the money, and razor sharp. In this day and age, customer seervice is not all it could be. Marflex is an exception and comes through with superb customer service, very precision work that they take pride in producing. To Martin and Krikor..."High-Fives" and a sincere thanks for a job VERY well done. Nice to know that the Linhof tradition of precision without compromise, is very much alive and well at Marflex, in Pine Brook, New Jersey. If you two gentlemen ever come to Denver,..drinks are on me. Thanks Martin and Krikor. "Well Done"!

-- Richard Boulware (, September 10, 2001



This is good to know, considering I have to send my Super Technica V in for 2 additional lenses to be fitted (board, cam, infinity stop and distance scale). Thanks for the positive news (something we can all use this week!)!

J. P. Mose

-- J. P. Mose (, September 13, 2001.

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