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I thought i'd put together a list of known marp site issues for editors and others. Not that it would get fixed but at least we know what things might go wrong. this is mostly for zwaxy and pat and gb9? since i dont' think anyone else could fix these. And there are probably more than these three, these are the ones i know of.

(1) Confirm states aren't forever:

Example: Confirm a recording for score ABC. user that submited score ABC submits another score DEF, the confirmation state of the ABC recording goes away, so that if the DEF recording is deleted the ABC recording will come back up with an unconfirmed state. (this is sort of solved by the confirmation logs but it requires a lot more work to determine if an old recording has been confirmed already.)

(2) Changing the mame version/gamename of an existing recording doesn't change the name of the file when you download it after the change has been made:

If only users were slightly patient in uploading inps for new mame version this problem wouldn't be so prominent. Example: upload a recording for mame54 using the mame53 tag and you'll have a file called which may only work with mame54. This User, being the good sumaritans that it is, goes to change the name of the mame version to mame53 to mame54. The change gets applied, however the file downloaded is still, this will on some occasions confuse a human confirmer but it will always confuse a computer confirmer if people have scripts that autoamatically look at the filename and detect the mame version to use when confirming. And it will always throw a loop in confirming recordings if they don't playback, adding yet another possible method for trying to playback the recording that doesn't work (try using a later version than the one that was uploaded.)

(3) there should be three selections mame and mamed and omame for each version, there are already a dozen games that must be playedback specific to the mamew or mamed versions used to record them and there will be more.

Before there was a maximum of 2 x 2 x 8 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 256 possible ways to playback a recording that was uploaded as mame53 with sound. Currently with out the nvram forced, there are 128 ways to playback a recording that doesn't work. With the mamew mamewd issue nailed down it can be 64.

(Nvram or not) x (sound or not) x (If Sound, (44 or 22 samplerate) x (8 opl options if dos mame)) x (windows or dos mame) X (fs0 or auto) x (thottle or no throttle)

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2001


(1b) this is more of a feature than a bug and probably shouldn't be changed but i thougt i might add it since we should all be aware of it. if you edit the version of a game (or gamename or score) the confirmed state of that recording goes away.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

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