Participants in the SanFrancisco to Moscow peace walk about 1960 please contact : LUSENET : San Francisco History : One Thread

I submitted an incorrect address in the previous message. It should be Please contact me with regard to a friend, now living in Australia, who would like to discuss old times. Thank you Ian Grant

-- Ian Mcdonald Grant (, September 10, 2001


I was one of the original walkers on the San Francisco to Moscow Walk for Peace. At the time my name was Gilbertsen.

I do not know anyone from the walk presently living in Australia, however you could try the Bradford Lyttle web page he was the one refered by us as our "glourious leader"

I would be interested to hear from you and who you are looking for...I`d like to contact that person too.

your friend would remember me as I was the official sign maker.


-- Mildred D`Ancona (, August 11, 2002.

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