FD 24mm and speedlite 155A ?

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Is it not possible to use a speedlite 155A with a 24mm lens ? I know that the 199A does have a diffuser to use with a 24mm, but I only have the 155A flash. Lars

-- lars schandorff (lars@schandorff.com), September 10, 2001


You can always buy an aftermarket diffuser (e.g. sto-fen) or make your own. I used several layers of white supermarket plastic bag over mine, with two pieces of parcel tape strapping it on my 177A (I lost the Canon diffuser). You just need enough so that most of the light coming from the flash is bounced around inside the diffuser - then the light will be pretty even over a wide angle. It should also 'soften' the flash, as you'll get more indirect light off surrounding objects.

-- Roger Broadbent (roger_broadbent@yahoo.co.uk), September 10, 2001.

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