Any participants in the SanFrancisco to Moscow peace walk,around 1960 please contact : LUSENET : San Francisco History : One Thread

I have a friend who was a participant in this walk and would like to re establish contact and reminise.She now lives in Australia.Please, if there is anyone out there reply. Thank you

-- Ian McDonald Grant (, September 09, 2001


I was one of the original walkers for CNVA (COMMITEE FOR NONVIOLENT ACTION My name at the time was Gilbertsen

I`d like to know the name of the walker you are searching for.

I am not in contact with any in Australia but you might try writing to Bradford Lyttle. He knows more than anyone else about former walkers.

I`d be interested to hear from you. Millie

-- Mildred D`Ancona (, August 10, 2002.

Hi Millie, what a wonderful surprise to get your response after so long.The person I know as Susie.. (Smith)is the person who participated in the walk with you. I just spoke to her on the phone and she certainly remembers Millie the sign maker. I will also send a response to your home address with more details.You will notice my E`mail address is slightly different to the one you responded to! Thank you for taking the time Millie. All the best. Ian Grant

-- Ian Grant (, August 11, 2002.

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