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TELL ME ABOUT a. Edgar Allan Poe shows a sense of humor. b. Edgar Allan Poe wrote the first real detective story. c. Edgar Allan Poe is only known for writing detective stories. d. Edgar Allan Poe felt women were evil. e. Edgar Allan Poe was fascinated with dogs and used them to signify evil in his stories.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001


"The Man Who was all used up" in that it resembles a mark Twain story told by a stranger on a train.

Poe's "Murders of the Rue Morgue" was a benchmark beginning for the entire modern genre of the detective story. You need only tyo read it to note all the major elements come together here for the first time, though obviously some existed in gothic tales and elsewhere previously.

Only known for detective stories? That is ridiculous. Is this a T/F quiz?

Poe idolized women, yet as bridges to the divine the element of intimidating horror show in his stories. See Poe's essay on Mrs. Godet's book of manners for young ladies for his normal attitude.

Poe liked cats actually. I don't remember the names. Let's see, a raven, some horse... Oh yes the faithful but frightening dog in "The Narrative of A. Gordon Pym" and the fragment of "The Lighthouse." Theyse loyal creatures hardly symbolized evil. "The Black Cat" functions somewhat like the raven for the symbolic focus of the man's obsession. Poor cat.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2001

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