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I am grateful for helpful responses to my previous questions on this forum on Linhof equipment. I now have another.

I have been able to locate some information on the Web about reducing backs from 4"x5" for the Linhof Technika, but nothing about reducing backs for the Linhof Kardan Bi or 45S. Are/were reducing backs available for the Kardan Bi or Kardan 45S? If they exist(ed) do they accept the Linhof Supper Rollex for 6x7 and 6x9? Or are they a different fit?

Thanks again for any elucidation on this.

-- Andrew Watt (, September 09, 2001



Thank you for your earlier expressions of gratitude. Bob seemd to adequately respond to your up-formatting enquiry and may well have to take the driver's seat on this one, also.

The 1970's catalogue from which I sourced much of my other response does not list a Linhof reduction back/GG 4x5 to 6x7 however, the following statement is made without specific illustrations or catalogue item numbers.

"A complete range of reducing backs from 8x10 to 2.25x3.25 in. is available for technika as well as Kardan cameras. They allow perfect adaptation of the camera to different film formats to meet the changing requirements of daily photographic practice."

The GG screens were often marked for smaller formats and the Super Rollex RFH 45 series of the desired format would be used. The Super Rollex RFH for the 23 system has a totaly different attachment system and would necessitate the employment of an adapter probably resulting in a rather deeply recessed film/GG plane.

Certainly the illustration of 001636 Kardan-B reducing frome 57/45 with groundgalss indicates this although there is an item 001608 reducing frame 57/45 which takes the Technika type rotating GG frame. There may have been a similar device 45/23.

Given the shorter focal lengths often utilised in rollfilm formats there could be a resulting difficulty in minimum bellows draw.

I would be wary of third-party adaptors — last year I purchased a Wista extension tube set ... it required the addition of extensive baffling to reduce 'bellows (tube)' flare. Similar side-effects would need to be determined with a reduction back.

Lengthy answer, I know, and as I say Bob will probably be of greater knowledge on this point.

Cheers ... WG

-- Walter Glover (, September 09, 2001.

Call me for info 800 735 4373. I will be at a show till Wed.

-- Bob Salomon (, September 09, 2001.


Thanks for the helpful comments.

I am not sure, on reflection, that a "reducing back" is what I mean. Let me try to explain. As I understand it the Kardan Bi and other (older only?) Linhof 4x5 cameras have something similar to the International back fitting, except that there is a little button on one of the short edges and two slots (to make a hinge by insertion of an appropriately sized pin) at the other short end.

I have since spotted a 6x7 back which is supposed to fit an International back (see ViewItem&item=1270772527&r=0&t=0&showTutorial=0&ed=1000140108&indexURL =0&rd=1) but can see no way that such a back would fit a (typical?) Linhof 4x5 back. There is no obvious pair of pins to insert to make a hinge nor any visible indent to take the "little button" of a Linhof reversing back.

I am new to all this so if my terminology is a bit flakey please forgive me. I am asking these questions to try to get beyond the stage of not quite seeing how/whether different components can fit together or not.

-- Andrew Watt (, September 10, 2001.

I don't know if it will help but the photo at illustrates the same type of back as the Kardan Bi has - a space for a pin hinge on the left shorter side and a "little button" on the right short side.

So I guess if I do manage to find an international/semi-international fitment for a 6x7 or 6x9 super rollex then any super rollex I might buy will carry forward to more modern Linhof 4x5 backs in due time.

-- Andrew Watt (, September 10, 2001.


The swing hinge and the little button, as you put it, are for the attachment and securing of a folding focusing hood, reflex finder or metering/focusing hood.

To attach a regular 45 Super Rollex one would depress the two contoured, ribbed, sprung lever arms (top and bottom left on the TK image you referred me to) and gently slide the GG frame to the right - taking care not to drop the GG frame. The Super Rollex would then fit into the recessed opening and the two small rectangular stepped pyramids (solid and outline arrows) slid to the left which would fasten to RFH to the camera with two flat metal blades.

So, yes, you don't require a reduction back, you require RFH with 4x5 Graflok attachment. There is also the Rapid Rollex which slides into the camera in the fashion of a regular double dark.

I hope this helps.


-- Walter Glover (, September 10, 2001.

Yes this could be done.

002616 converts Kardan 45 to Technika 45. This piece has been discontinued and there is no stock.

001608 converts Technika 45 to Technika 23. This is also discontinued but there is one piece left in our stock.

Using these 2 items together converts a 45 Kardan to use Super Technika 23 Super Rolex backs and accessories.

In addition you will need the 23 Super Rolex ground glass assembly if you plan on focusing and composing. This piece is current.

-- Bob Salomon (, September 11, 2001.

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