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Where is the setting of the Story? What is the Conflict within the story?

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001


The setting of The Black Cat is in the home of the main character and his wife. They have many pets such as fish, a monkey, and a dog...and of course, Pluto, the black cat. The conflict of the story is the inner turmoil of the main character before, during, and after his two sinful murders. First he hangs Pluto...who seemingly comes back to life with white hairs around his neck and then he kills his wife and sticks her in a wall. he accidentally puts the cat in the wall too, which, in the end leads to his own demise because the cops come about his wife and the main character knocks on the wall with his cane, and the cops hear a disgusting howl, which is the cat.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2002

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