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Do you still have it? Do you still remember any of your classmates? How often do you pull it out and look at it?

I pull mine out once in a while--maybe every year or so, and I definitely looked at it to brush up before going to my high school reunion last year. Also, when I was a kid, I used to love looking at my parents' yearbooks--all the portraits in it were so glamorous and formal.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001


A few years ago I was called by an old classmate who was organizing our class reunion with questions on the where-abouts of 20-odd classmates. I didn't even recognize half the names, and our class was not that large (220). I found the same effect when looking through an old paper-route-payment-book I used as a kid... over half the names had absolutely no meaning to me anymore. I've always considered myself pretty good at remembering things, but I guess my brain just deleted lots of stuff over the last 25 years. Probably to make room for lots of other even more worthless information.

Haven't looked at my yearbook in years; it's in the attic. I have looked through some old photo albums of my parents and grandparents going back to pre-WW2 era... amazing stuff. Like watching my own private History Channel. Luckily for me, they took loads of photos back then. It's no accident that when people are asked the one thing they'd save first from a fire in their house, they pick their photo collections.

I saw a link to the San Francisco Grand Prix bike race at immediately thought of you Jen, being that you've become a serious endurance athlete. As demanding as marathons are, bike racing is even more demanding, especially the major European Tours. The SF race is slated for an ABC-TV broadcast... of some sort. Maybe we'll see you on TV. Look for Freddy Rodriguez to come through on top if he's near the front at the end. Get yourself a bike Jen, and alternate cycling with running... all the positive effects of running but with more enjoyment and fun. Your new VW-Golf tends to make me think you'd enjoy the speed difference of cycling over running too. Just be sure your bike is properly set up and fitted. The Tour de France was live on OLN-TV this year for the first live coverage ever in the US... it was spectacular. The Tour of Spain started yesterday, and is also being broadcast daily via OLN.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001

It's 50 years since I graduated from high school. I always wondered what had happened to my senior yearbook, whether it had been at my mother's house and somehow discarded when her estate back East was settled. Then, about two years ago, I received a package from my deceased brother's first ex-wife. We had been exchanging yuletide messages since his death. This was a package out of season. It was my senior yearbook, in mint condition, with seemingly freshly inked messages from my favorite classmates. It had been unearthed in my ex-sister-in-law's basement, a thosand miles from anywhere I had ever lived. My brother, three years behind me in school, had apparantly collected the wrong yearbook from our parent's house. I had several times browsed through his copy, in Dad's study, idlely wondering whatever had happened to mine, presumably lost in my myriad moves over the years. As I paged through the ancient tome it was deja vu all over again.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2001

NO ! I am still looking for 1976 Parkway Nr. High school yearbook (Creve Coeur Missouri), offing $ 500.00 for it..Please contact me at Thank you.

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2002

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-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

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