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How and why did the san fransisco earthquake happen in 1906? Thank you very much

-- Erika Bataillard (, September 08, 2001


It has been accepted that this was God's judgment on us for having such a diverse and tolerant city (at least north of Visitacion Valley).

Many historians are still puzzled as to why The Lord did not choose to take Berkeley instead.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, September 26, 2001.

Two plates were crashing into each other. when they are crashing into each other the power was in the miidle. Suddenly the plated slipped and kaboomぱ the earthquake happened.

-- Christine Toun (, October 30, 2002.

It is a strange question to ask WHY they happen. 2 plates get stuck together by the "F" word. The "F" word is friction (no, not the OTHER "F" word...) San Francisco was going through a stage of uncontrolled growth. Our city was reduced from a utopia to a modern day East St. Louis. (I've gone to East St Louis. Let's just say it's not the happiest place on earth...). Let's use the "rubber band" analogy. Earthquakes happen because rocks hold two plates together, like a rubber band. When they break lose under stress...

Someone's gotta pay...

Thank You from the King.

-- King Sean M. Hall I (, October 30, 2002.

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-- Scott M. Hall (ivecrashedtheserver@hotm, October 30, 2002


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-- sameasabove ( , October 30, 2002.

It is an interesting fact that Scott Hall is my uncle.

-- King Sean M. Hall I (sanfranciscofanclub@g, October 30, 2002.

-- sean m hall (sean@no-onelikesme.alone), October 31, 2002.

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