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Does anyojne know of a supplier for the old style rubber seals for the Glass top Kilner Jars either the small necked pre 1948 bottles and latter type....... my old hardware store has closed and the mutli-national globalized hardware stores have no interest in selling you such things...... either Co Durham area or North London..

..... but i'll travel anyware to get them in my Golf 1.9 Diesel Ecomatic at 55 mpg on rapeseed oil ... actually designed by VW to run on pure Rapeseed oil,!!!!,,,,my local tesco's sell it a 39p a litre

-- Geoff Hood (, September 08, 2001


Have you tried Lakeland Ltd. 015394 88100. Not sure if your are the same diameter as theirs, but they definitely sell kilner jars etc. I purchased some a couple of years back. Lakeland specialise in resurrecting goodies from bygone years.

-- Mary Wood (, December 02, 2001. ars

Try this web site

-- Graham Loveridge (, December 15, 2002.

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