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I am new to this so bear with me.

I am trying to convert a MPEG file to VCD format. I have done some research and tried to do this using VCDImager Easy V/0.9.7.and also VCDImagerGUI.

I followed the guide for VCD Imagager Easy and first got a message saying "Internal Xml Generator" execution suceeded:the remainder of the message describes what the XML has been generated to.

When I acknowledge this message I then get a Error Message saying "VcdXBuild.exe" execution failed: parsing file:followed by the decription of the file and the word "failed.

When I tried to use the VCDImagerGUI application I followed the guide here but when I select Make BIN I get a message saying "INFO: scanning mpeg track #0 for scanpoints......**ERROR: packet length beyond buffer....

Can you please confirm that I am at least on the right lines in terms of what I need to achieve. I capture video from a DV using Studio DV. When I get to the make movie stage I can choose Tape, AVI or MPEG and I have chosen MPEG although I do not not if I need to check what type of MPEG file has been created? When I use the software I referred to and use the browse it looks for file types MPG pr MPEG1 so I assume the files I have saved are one of these because the browser recognises them.

From what I had read I thought I then had to use Software such as the above to convert to VCD so I could burn to CDR and play in a set top DVD Player.

If there are other applications I could use which will achieve this could you please let me know. Likewise if I've completely misunderstood what it is I need to do I would appreciate any help.



-- John Lengthorn (, September 08, 2001


Just because a browser recognizes a file as a valid MPEG-1 doesn't mean it's okay for authoring VCDs. MPEG-1 encompasses a range of specs; files intended for authoring VCDs should meet what is called White Book specifications. I do not know about VCDImager, but if I were you I'll use, say, Nero, drag that MPEG file you have to a new VCD layout, which will tell if it's indeed White Book compliant. If it's not, you can try re-encoding it to VCD spec through TMPGenc, which have appropriate templates for the purpose.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, September 08, 2001.

vcd gui is primarily for using "AFTER" you made the vcd. you use it to go backward from vcd back to mpeg.

-- john boy (, September 30, 2001.

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