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I can't set it up right. Every time I tried and record with Nero5.0 it give me an error message. When I record it anyway, I can't play it on my dvd player(which play vcd also). Please give me some advice on how to config it. I just want to capture straight to mpeg 1 and create vcd with nero5.0

-- Hung le (, September 07, 2001


I don't think this card can capture in VCD compliant mode. What you have to do is use the following settings: constant video bit rate of 1.115 Mbps audio - 224 Mbps 352x280 NTSC (see if you live in a PAL country for the PAL resolution to use) The other settings are probably OK as defaults. You have to take your recorded video and demux it into separate audio files and remux it back together using a VCD template. You can do this with TMPGenc ( for free. The resulting remuxed file should be good with Nero. is an old site, but it has some information that might help you make your first VCD. It has a lot of good ATI information. You didn't mention your brand of DVD player, so please be aware that some do not support CD-R or CD-RW and even if you burn the VCD correctly, these players will refuse to play your VCD. You can check the DVD compatibility list at to see if your DVD player will work with CD-R or CD-RW media.

-- Jason (, September 10, 2001.

You might like to check out Rich Aubin's pages at, since he has specific stuff on capturing to VCD and SVCD using the ATI Radeon cards.

-- Frank Charlton (, September 11, 2001.

Thanks Jason,

This demux/re-mux solution you suggest with TMPEGenc works well. It made my MPG's work in Nero (6.0, incidentally) as well as my DVD player which was having problems with these (LiteON LVD 2002).

-- Stephan V (, December 07, 2003.

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