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I am running a Sony TRV30 DV into PC through Pinnacle Studio Capture card. Once captured I have the option of making an AVI or MPEG movie. I want to be able to save these files onto CDR and want to know whether I can then play them in a Domestic DVD Player. If I burn the MPEG file as a data file can I do this, or do I have to convert it from MPEG to Video CD format? A lot of the DVD Players I look at refer to MPEG but I'm not sure if this refers to something different from what I want to achieve.


-- John Lengthorn (john@elveys,, September 07, 2001


VCD uses MPEG-1 video, but it is specially formatted for VCD. Some capture cards can capture in VCD compliant format - others can't. If yours can't, the normal procedure is to demux the video into separate audio and video files and remux them back together using a VCD template in something like TMPGenc ( I would not use the term "convert" to refer to the muxing process as the video is still MPEG-1. Will a standalone DVD player play these VCDs? It depends on whether or not your player supports CD-R or CD-RW media. Many players do not support burnable media. Please go to and look at the DVD Player Compatibility List to see if your player accepts burnable media. I strongly suggest you go to the following sites and read all you can about making VCDs before you get started or you will have nothing but trouble. (mostly info on ATI cards, but he has some info on making video streams VCD compliant which might help you)

-- Jason (, September 10, 2001.

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