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I read this site and see intense and bitter arguing and insults hurled far too often. With the next three years being the most influential for our Church. Are we losing the focus the Church is charged to keep? Bishop Heard apparantly was ill during his term over the First District. He needed the assistance of nurses but completed his service and the Church did not collapse. The class of 2004 will influence the direction of this denomination for at least 24 - 30 years.Today seems to have more knocking down than building up.With the anger and attitudes of some respondents how will we move forward and bring more persons into the knowledge of God without coloring it? Please give me your views as I grapple with these thoughts.

God Bless You all!!!

Bro. Brangman

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001


It is scary to think that any one group will influence the course of a denomination for the next two deacdes.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2001

I think we have had two similar periods of transitional influence before - 1948, when 6 bishops were elected, and 1972, when the largest class of 8 bishops was elected. I'd like to hear an assessment of the influence of those two classes on African Methodism.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2001

Brother Brangman, You are correct in voicing your concerns about the state of the church's attitude and the influence of the future leaders of the church. The episcopacy is a powerful organ in this church and the rest of us cannot go on a holiday during campaign time to be shocked to learn who has been elected to lead us.

We have to PRAY for the Church no matter who is in charge. And always pray for the leadership in the church for God is "able to do abundantly above and beyond what we ask or imagine." We should never forget why we worship in the church and who we worship, which should be the Lord God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

God promised Eve that her "seed", which was in reference to His Seed, Jesus Christ, would CRUSH THE HEAD of the serpent's seed, (Gen 3:15b). If WE, who believe in Christ, will obey the Word of God, we will have God on our side to "crush Satan under [our]feet shortly." Rom.16:20. Read Romans 16:17-20 for this guidance and assurance. We crush Satan's head every time we tear some part of his kingdom down or refuse to do his will. Charity begins at home. We have to love ourselves enough to keep ourselves in the love and fear of God at all times. If we loved ourselves and our fellow church members, we would store prayers for the church to come.

The Class of 2004 is in the hands of the believers. We have to PRAY for God to remove anyone who is not rooted and grounded in the word and work of the Lord BEFORE they reach the episcopal level of the church.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2001

It has been stated that God is in the midst of providing a heart transplant for our Zion (African Methodism). It is interesting to take note that the two previous and the upcoming General Conferences have all taken place in the so called heartland of the country. The question is will the body accept or reject this new heart. PEACE.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2001

I understand your pain Nalton Brangman and your desire to tone down the "insults", but what you are seeing on this discussion board, again, as I stated on a previous post, is a microcosm of what is happening everywhere throughout the connection: at annual conferences, at district meetings, etc. etc. The remarks you see appearing on this discussion board are the result of years of years of pinned up silence members of the AME connection have had to endure for a number of reasons; i.e. people are afraid of being blackballed, located, denied positions of power, etc. So, as a result, people use their freedom of "anonymity" to say what is really on their hearts. Please, as painful as it is, please do not deny us this. One of the suggestions in therapy sessions is that people write down what they truly feel so that they may purge themselves of whatever it is that is bothering them. This forum allows that type of therapeutic release. I am able to speak so passionately about this issue because I am living this day by day. I have been a member of the AME church for over 30+ years. I grew up in the YPD, youth lay, etc. I have reaped the benefits of my connectional affiliations, but I have certainly been a witness to some of the injustices, but as Paul Lawrence Dunbar said "we wear the masks". I have been wearing a mask for many, many years trying to save "face". I have often been the lone wolf speaking out, publicly on issues of injustice that I have experienced. And, yes, I have personally been blackballed by those in positions of power. So, contrary to popular belief, this discussion board serves an excellent, therapeutic purpose. Do not discourage the "dart throwing". If you must serve as a moderator, then take up the exhausting task of keeping people on track of the topic of discussion. Do encourage people to be phoney on-line. Also, as far as the class of 2004 "directing the future of this denomination"....You need to understand that this generation is just following the lead of the current leadership; as must as you want to try to spiritualize things, this current leadership is, I am sorry to say, a lot about "knocking down" as opposed to lifting up. Sorry, that is the reality.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001

Sis. Joyce.

Thank you and all of the others who have responded thus far. In the thirty plus years I have been a member I have only seen the micro- system of the Bermuda Annual Conference. Your points are thought provoking. I have found myself in the spectrum of the Connectional Church through the Development of the Connectional AME Reinsurance Company (on which I serve)I have worked with Bishop Cousin to develop. This is truely an eye opening experience. May God Bless You as I must now prepare my home for Hurricane Erin that will strike tomorrow.

Take Care

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001

Brother Brangmon:

Thanks for "putting up with me". And thanks for your kind words of concern that you have contributed to this discussion board. My church and I will say a special prayer tomorrow for the members of the Bermuda Annual Conference. (My husband knows a few Bermudians -- Rev. Larry Lowe and the Lowe family). May God's hand of protection be around you and your extended family.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001

Sis. Joyce

Thank you for your prayers. As I send this the storm winds are quieting down and no-one has been hurt and no damage sustained.

Please do not thank me for putting up with you my Sister. I take it for joy the opportunity to communicate with my Brothers and Sisters around the world. I hope to see you sometime when I am in Chicago with Bishop Cousins (My Chairman). We may have differing opinions but thankfully we serve one God

Grace Mercy and Peace

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001

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