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For those who need Church Financial Management Software, try this link: It is free, they ask for a donation only. We (Macedonia AME, Kaufman, TX) have been evaluating this package since April 2001. We decided toadopt it as the software for use at Macedonia. We are conducting a seminar for our Stewards on Sat 8 Sept 2001. The reports are very good providing details and summaries of all income and expenditures, by name and category. Try it, I think you might like.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001


Any chance of seeing (sharing) some of the reports the software generates, after your seminar?

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001

Thanks for the information. It's good and positive to share helpful information with other ministers and church leaders. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by helping our fellow workers in this vineyard. Keep us posted!


-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001

Thank you Rev. Paris. This type of reference is most valuable. God Bless You as you continue to serve. Blessings

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001

We are using quick books software, which is small business management program, internal revenue recognizes it and most cpa are familiar. This is providing basic simple and anyone without an accounting background can use the program. The cost is great. Just another suggestion.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001

I have been using Microsoft MOney for the past 5 years and it has proven to be the most comprehensive simplest form of entry and maintenance. It is used as the Old Type books, but the result is as plain and dicersive as you would like it.

Copy of sample reports available from above e-mail address



-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001

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