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this isn't so much a question, and maybe somebody has already mentioned it and there is a more appropriate place for this note, but it is just in regard to the recent 'eating your own dog food, CVS thing that I thought was interesting. this person at the link below (also ex-MS), says that MS uses something called PVCS by Merant. He seems to agree with the general philosophies here as well.

I always enjoy reading this website. tom

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2001


I tried PVCS, and found that it was old software and was meant to work on LANs. If you have geographically-dispersed teams, you'll have to either get an add-on called Gateways (if memory servers), or go for other tools like Perforce.

SourceSafe suffered from the same issue, and you also have to get an add-on called SourceOffSite.

IMHO, when it comes to speed, choice of OS's on which to run the server, reliability of the file depot, performance over WAN/dial-up connections, and cost, I don't know of anything better than Perforce. One of the places where I worked previously went from SS to StarTeam, went back to SS, evaluated CVS... and ended up with Perforce.

My .2 FF.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2001

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