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It appears that some of the restaurants at Fisherman's warf were began on the pier, not on land. You can see restaurant names Sabella LaTorre and Lighthouse #5 painted on the old buildings along the pier.

These restaurants are now located on land next to Alioto's. The old buildings on the pier are now storage for the fishing fleet.

Does anyone know if the restaurants began on the warf, then moved to land? Thanks Tom

-- Tom Brinkoetter (, September 06, 2001


Would that be before or after they got a whiff of the sea lions who've taken over the pier?

Sorry. Could not resist. They really are fragrant, loud and gorgeous. Tourists love them (with the windows closed)and the restauranteurs complain to the papers.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, September 06, 2001.

I would be really surprised if Fisherman's Wharf has become landlocked. The fishing boat harbor at the base of pier 45 has been there since the 30's or before. Many of the restaurants that started as fish stalls are still there on the east side of the basin where they started. These include Exposition, Sabella's, Alioto's, etc. Castagnola's occupied the west side of the basin for decades. DiMaggios was on Jefferson across from the basin. By the 1940's there were also a number of seafood restaurants on the 2700 block of Taylor between Jefferson and Beach including Popeye's and the Neptune Fish Grotto. Even then, there were plenty of souvenir shops in amongst the restaurants and fish stalls. A big seller, back then, were small turtles with decals on their backs advertising our fair city.

-- Don Martinich (, September 07, 2001.

The Restaurants were started on land exactly where they are now. The first crab stands were opened in the late 1800's. The fish was bought straight from the fishing boats and sold cooked and raw on the streets. The names you see on the warehouses on pier 45 are just that ware houses, and they always have been. I am a direct decendant of Dominic Cresci of Cresci Bros. #2. His father my grand father was one of the first merchants on the wharf. Hope that answerers you question Antoinette

-- Antoinette Cresci (, October 16, 2001.

Oh Tom, also let me add that Fishermans Wharf was originally called Meiggs Wharf. Unfortunatly I can't tell you when they changed the name to Fishermans Wharf but it shouldn't be too hard to find out. Antoinette

-- Antoinette Cresci (, October 16, 2001.

I read that most of the fishing boats were on the east side of the city and when they were developing the new piers and the Ferry Building on East Street (now Embarcadero) they moved the mostly Italians fishing boats over to the present Wharf. Most were not happy with it because of the rougher waters. Finally a breakwater was built. Sabella's was one of the first restaurants in the

-- Craig Smith (, October 16, 2001.

You guys are right!

-- Arnold Pishkin (, February 14, 2002.

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